1. Gpisto20

    New Youtube channel, opinions welcomed!

    Hello Everyone, I have recently started a Youtube channel focused on my drone videos. Anyone willing to check it out and leave some feedback would be greatly appreciated! Drone Stuff
  2. CastleVostok

    Post-Failed Firmware Upgrade

    Alright so, I just upgraded the firmware on my P3S through the app, however, the app's update progress bar froze at 45%, and after 5 minutes the app had notified me of a "failed upgrade". I would'v'e restarted the drone and remote, but the drone's progress indicator light continued to blink...
  3. I

    The new easy safe method to activate FCC Mode on Phantom 3 Standard

    Many broke down controllers with FCC mode of activation. Me was developed completely new FCC easy safe mode activation method on your Drone.
  4. D

    Weak RC Connection(no upgrade on firmware)

    I've had the drone (Phantom 3 Standard) since November 2016, and it worked amazing until the other day. I took it out for a flight and the signal was weak 60 meters up and 30 meters out. I went to 50 meters out and the signal was lost and the drone went into return home mode. I could go easily...