1. E

    P3 adv software wont flash

    I recently got a hold of a phantom 3 advanced, I then went to a store to ask if they knew what could be wrong with it, and they said that they where pretty certain the drone was bricked. I know they have been wrong before, so I went to search on google to check if anyone else had the same...
  2. D

    ***SOLD***DJI Phantom 3 Advanced /w Extras For Sale

    DJI Phantom 3 Advanced for sale with many extras. This is complete with: Original Box Remote Control Radio Short lighting cable and usb cable 2 batteries that are perfect A sun shade hood for ipad mini 2 Extra set of props(new) 1 60 watt battery charger 1 100 watt battery charger Hard Case 16...
  3. Hector7265

    Critically low voltage warning

    I got my drone second-hand about a month ago and it came with 5 batteries. It is a phantom 3 Advanced and 2 of the batteries had been charged 27 and 33 times. The other three had only been charged once, once and 5 times. Those three all worked fine. I tried to fly with the two older batteries...
  4. G

    Phantom 3 advanced in St zotique, Quebec

    Flying over a lake
  5. Gpisto20

    New Youtube channel, opinions welcomed!

    Hello Everyone, I have recently started a Youtube channel focused on my drone videos. Anyone willing to check it out and leave some feedback would be greatly appreciated! Drone Stuff
  6. N

    Gimbal SUPER hot, won't calibrate, freaks out, shakes violently

    Hello all, Been a lurker for sometime and love the posts. Registered today since it's time.....Sorry ahead of time for the long post, I wanted to be thorough in an effort to help you help me. As the title states, I've tried everything to get my gimbal to work on my Phantom 3 Adv. I flew it a...
  7. D

    I have very unstable PH3A and finally found out why

    I thought it was an issue with the latest firmware. I tried everything and I mean everything to get it stable. Then on the last test flight it revealed itself. Finding no issues with settings that helped I looked for stress cracks and found none until now. Looking for answers on stability many...
  8. C

    Greetings from Italy

    Hello all from Italy. I'm relatively new to drone world but as a software engineer for work and photographer in my free time the activity are very interlaced and important for me. Looking around the Net found this beautiful forum and loking around show me the presence of very passionate and...