1. L

    Tuff-Luv 3 in 1 Blackout Periscope Hood for Drone Remote Controller Apple iPad Air 1/2 9.7 Inch

    Hey guys, I have a brand new periscope hood for sale. Asking $50.00 CAD by Paypal + whatever shipping costs. I originally ordered the 9.7" by accident and by the time it arrived, with shipping, tariffs, and DHL shipping deliver costs I originally paid $86.78 CAD . I'm looking to basically just...
  2. Rush Videos

    FB & Periscope Streaming

    Recently tested out the live steam feature Facebook offers with the iPhone. Using a phantom 3 4K it worked flawless. Periscope on the other hand, seems to be iffy at times. Would like to hear everyone else's experiences with both platforms.
  3. chapsrlz

    who else is on periscope?

    we did a couple persicopes yesterday. c13 studio @c13studio link to yesterdays replay :) who else is streaming? im planning on doing a daily periscope if interested @c13studio on twitter :)