1. matt1221

    Being Harrassed When Flying

    I have been flying for just over a year and absolutely love using my P4. I have my permission for aerial work from the CAA and always fly legally. However I am constantly worried about upsetting someone whilst flying and its taking away the fun of flying. I have been approached on many occasions...
  2. C

    The spirit of the law/regulation

    I am on the verge of becoming FAA certificated and have a serious question for other serious pilots. I understand that flying over people can have potential hazards. Keeping within the spirit of the regulations, what is the most practical balance you find? I would like to take some videos in...
  3. H

    Indianapolis, Indiana - Phantom 3 experts???? Need Training

    I am looking to meet-up with anyone who is an expert with their Phantom 3. I am purchasing a Phantom 3 Advance it would be nice to have a hands on training with someone/people. Only so much you can get from Youtube videos.
  4. Z

    Learning to stay calm when people are watching?

    I've had my P3P for around 4 months now and I noticed after flying many times by myself that I am generally very calm and everything is smooth as hell. But when I show people what I am doing they all freak out like holy crapy this thing is amazing! Obviously I showboat it because it truly is an...