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    Fly a phantom from a PC?

    Hello, I have just gotten a phantom 3s and its my first drone(I own other rc's and high tech robotics). The only problem it that the app DJI GO wont launch on my Samsung Tab 3 apparently its a problem allot of people have from the recent update 2.9.0 and I know that it will work on this device...
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    DJI 2.4G Data Link "Air End" Dead?

    Hello all, I recently began reading up and trying to use the DJI 2.4g data link (LK24-BT) for waypoint flying via the PC Ground Station. I am running the DJI Phantom 2 with FPV setup (Flysight 400mW transmitter, 5.8GHz clover leaf antennas), Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal with Hero 3+ Black. Computer...