1. C

    Hi, any drone flyers around Elmsford,New York

    Hi there, Was wondering if there are any drone pilots around Elmsford, New York I own a Phantom 2 and a Dji Mavic Pro Platinum, And was also wondering if there are any good fields or park to fly drones in the Westchester County,NY Area? Thanks
  2. M

    Hong Kong flying/location tips? rooftop/park access?

    I'm heading off to Hong Kong in a few days with my phantom 4 and I'm planning on going to a few of the islands, some hills and monuments, and the general cities. I know from experience that it's tough to take off in cities usually given the amount of people around so if anyone knows of anywhere...
  3. F

    actually pulled it off

    For anyone complaining bout seeing the blades and all, well here you go, no blades or led's :P
  4. rpratali

    Flying in parks - Pickerington, OH

    I've been flying my P3A in local parks within Pickerington, OH. Although I've never seen any posting stating drones were not allowed nor have I ever been stopped by park personnel or local police, I decided to contact the Pickerington park department just to confirm. Below is an email I...