1. O

    An Afternoon in Mission Viejo, California

    Took the Mavic Air out to explore some local parks. Would love some feedback!
  2. J


  3. A


  4. F

    actually pulled it off

    For anyone complaining bout seeing the blades and all, well here you go, no blades or led's :P
  5. F

    long park run

    yes i know you see the blades some, still need to get a thing to help shade my tablet from the sun, once i do, getting the gimble set better will be easier.
  6. GregCarter304

    New video uploaded Huntington wv

    Finally had a decent day to fly. It's either been cold or raining. Been envious seeing everyone flying lol. But here is a short video I put together.
  7. Rjak

    The Old Watcher

    Here is my first video project incorporating a drone, a refurb Phantom 3 Standard which my AMAZING wife bought me for Christmas. I have been studying drone piloting for 5 months, and practicing with a Propel Atom during that time. While I love aerial-only drone videos, I find I always want...
  8. Gary Vaughan

    Going to Australia with P4 - any suggestions

    So I live in the US and I'll be traveling to Australia in November and I'm thinking of taking my P4 with me. I've been looking around to see if I can fly it in Sydney and other surrounding areas that I'll be visiting and there doesn't seem to be a ton of information (and I'm afraid of getting...
  9. J

    #DRONEON | EVENING IN THE PARK | Phantom 4 4K Video

    The latest from my channel #DRONEON on YouTube. Stay tuned for a sweet fireworks video coming soon!
  10. GeekWGlasses

    Weekly Vlog including ariel shots over St Pete Fl

    Trying to add more "themes" to the vlog content. This week with the P4 it was all about boats in the bay.
  11. C

    Curitiba - Bazil. Phantom 3 ride.

    Hello guys! I'm starting to play with a Phantom 3 professional and I would like to show you my first drone video. Comments, tips are appreciated.
  12. Jason Porembski

    Wantagh Park, Long Island, NY 4-12-16

    Took my P3S today to Wantagh Park. Nearly chickened out due to the wind and it was my first time taking her over the water. Phantom does extremely well in windy conditions. Enjoy
  13. K

    Autumn in Poland, old cathedral and park

  14. A

    Abselling Video from Australia

    Hi everyone, here is a video taken in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia. I was so lucky that when I arrived at this lookout there were some abseillers and one of them, Sue, was a 67yr old doing it for the first time. I hope you enjoy it, Adam.