1. tml4191

    Skyreat parabolic windsurfers $15 shipped USA Range Extender for inspire 1 + 2 phantom 4 pro 3 +

  2. tml4191

    windsurfers parabolic copper difference in antennas?

    Do the name brand/generic/3d printed copper parabolic antennas/windsurfers differ from each other? I imagine the material is different for some, but by your guys' experience, are those $20 windsurfers any different in performance than the $5 ones? Edit: 12/4: apparently the store bought ones...
  3. Carltonart

    No longer available, selling items individually.

    Listing no longer available , selling everything separately.
  4. Carltonart

    Sold.$750 Advanced with 4 batteries

    I've had this Phantom 3 Advanced for about a month and a half. Only a little over two hours flight time. Its never even landed on the ground, as I always hand caught it. Everything works perfectly I've never had any range issues. Camera works perfectly, no tilted horizon. Comes with lots of...
  5. Flatwoods

    Questions from a nube

    Just started flying a Phantom 3 4K a couple of weeks ago. Am having a blast intermixed with the occasional moments of terror. I have a few questions that hopefully some out there have answers for... 1. When flying on a bright day it is extremely difficult to see the screen of my iphone or ipad...
  6. R

    Phantom 3 Adv/Pro parts for sale

    Hi everyone, I recently crashed my beloved Phantom 3 Advance. It landed on the camera/gimbal and snapped the camera off. The rest of the drone is working, including the motors, main board, visual positioning module, compass, GPS, etc. It is fixable, but I dont really want to mess with...
  7. D

    Windsurfer Range Extender - Aluminum

    Windsurfer style antenna booster made of aluminum. Slides over the RC antenna for extra range. Comes with hard shell case. Never used. Note: I never actually used this but always kept it in my DJI hard shell backpack with me. So for those that say the DJI backpack cant hold anything extra...