panel line

  1. tml4191

    Panel Line Your DJI VPS like a model

    Before Process Finish Steps: 1. Use black enamel paint (or any color you wish) 2. Spray/get a small amount paint (enough for a small pool of paint) 3. Dilute it with ZIPPO Lighter fluid (about 1/4 of the paint) 4. Use a pointy brush to dip the mixture into the letters DJI, or any line on...
  2. tml4191

    Has anyone panel lined their drone yet?

    I see lines on the p3. Mine has already been fully painted, so it's kind of pointless to panel line it at this point, but it's still possible. Has anyone added black paint on the lines of the phantom 3 pro, or added their own design? How come people aren't customising their phantoms? Is it a...