1. C

    4 Adv. gimbal pan completely loose

    I received my Phantom 4 advanced last week and I’ve only had a few flights. No crashes or impacts at all and today I started having gimbal issues. The gimbal pan is totally loose. The tilt and yaw are functional but the pan has no tension in it. Here is a video demonstration. Any help would...
  2. FlyingWingman

    Gimbal unbalanced - causing video capture to pan to the right?

    Hey mates, Some time ago I made a rookie mistake and tried to fly my P3S off a narrow balcony. A gust of wind took it sideways and it crashed into the railing with reasonable force. The yaw arm was broken at its thinnest point, as were two propellers, but I fixed both of those issues, or so I...
  3. A

    Panning problem

    Hello, I have a problem with the video (when seeing it at home) when I pan. It lags like when you play a game that your computer can´t handle. Can´t find anything like it on youtube...