1. A

    Paid drone assembly

    Hello, I’m looking for a drone hardware store with some knowledgeable and handy technical people that will assemble a Betaflight (or maybe other software compatible to our needs) drone from the parts that they sell. I will then need to be able to write a program that will control flight of the...
  2. P

    DroneBase Getty Images

    I've been working with DroneBase since January and done various pano and client missions with them. I'm thinking about upgrading to a P4 so I can do Getty Images cityscapes and stuff, well not just upgrading for that reason. I'm wanting to find as many ways as possible to help the drone pay for...
  3. C

    Can Anyone Fly In Arlington, VA

    I'm not sure if this is allowed if not I apologize. I need to get aerial pictures of a cemetery in Arlington, VA (NOT Arlington National Cemetery. I am a commercial pilot, as well as a commercial UAS pilot. If anyone has a drone that can fly in that airspace would you please contact me? I...
  4. HuckleberryStyle

    Luxury Resort Saw My DJI & Asked If I would Film Their Location!!!