pahntom 3

  1. R

    BIG DEAL on Phantom 3 4K bundle - New (Open Box)

    I am selling my Phantom 3 4K bundle package. I do not want 2 P3 at my home. It is brand-new (open box). Includes 3 batteries, 2 pair of props, USB drive, 64 GB sd memory card and accessories. I have attached P3 4K photographs. Price is $700.
  2. Gil Sharony


    Hello everybody, In the last few weeks I've been promoting the 'Digital Biosphere' project which aims to achieve 2 main goals: 1. 98% accessibility to nature and natural reserves from anywhere and anytime 2. Allow interaction with nature thru advanced technology (Augmented reality mostly) In...
  3. D

    Need Your Help Please: P3A Goes crazy and crashes into creek. Now What? Flight Records Included

    Hey Guys! I would really love a little guidance on what my next steps should be after this crash. In a nutshell: I was flying along side a creek with no issues and out of the blue the phantom starts spinning wildly, as if it ran into something, and plummeted about 150ft into a very narrow...
  4. J

    Like New DJI Phantom 3 Pro + 3 Batteries, Charging HUB, Hardshell Case and More - $1400

    I have a like new mint condition DJI Phantom 3 Professional with less than 40min of flight time on it. Selling it since i bought an Inspire 1 a few weeks ago. This poor bird needs a new home where it'll get the attention it deserves. The P3P is flawless. Comes with the following: All the...
  5. chase

    For Sale: Phantom 3 Pro with Back Pack and extras.. - Repost

    For Sale: DJI Phantom 3 Pro Includes: DJI Backpack 2 Extra Batteries and Polar Pro ND Kit Condition: Excellent very few flights no hard landings or crashes I also own a DJI Inspire 1 and need other film gear so I don't need two drones. Battery 1 12 Cycles Battery 2 6 Cycles Battery 3 7...