p4p pro +

  1. N

    help with p4p4 plus

    i have p4p pro plus and a blitzwolf headset with samsung android phone....i connected the usb to phone and turned on drone and phone and controller....using litchti and everytthing turns on but not sure why i cant get ap to work...control is with screen on controller .....i just want to see out...
  2. wataero

    Narrow Sensing mode caused P4P to ignore controls

    After seeing the DJI tutorial video on "narrow sensing mode" which says that "your aircraft will fly through with ease" as the Phantom flies perfectly centered between 2 tree trunks, I had to try it out. As I approached a doorway in Tripod mode, the aircraft drifted to the left so I stopped...
  3. K

    Phantom 4 Pro+ Option For Mapping

    A couple questions about using the Phantom 4 Pro+ for 2d mapping. First off I did not realize that pro+ was limited in app selection for mapping when I bought it. I need advice please! I work in landscape design and we, primarily, work on large country properties. We would like to incorporate...
  4. mikero

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro + v01.01.03.00 update

    Problems with the new RC Firmware for the P4 Pro +. After downloading and copying the BIN file to SD card and inserting it into the RC. The message on the screen is: Note Update Package Broken. download again? There are two options, Cancel and OK. Pressing OK gives the same message.