p4p+ display

  1. D

    P4P+ update for Pano

    Hi DJI or anybody else in the know I'm really unhappy with DJI for the disappointing treatment I'm getting for being a loyal supporter of a P4P+. Unless I've missed something we have still to receive the Panorama update while iphone and Android owners have already had it for about a month...
  2. Jonathanr007


  3. Photocopter

    P4Pro + or iPad?

    Hi Guys! Its almost a year since I bought my P4. Great device, flew many hours with it, mostly no issues but one - from time to time I get a green screen on my iPad (mini 2). Recently the drone got disconnected (I could still control the bird but the app (DJI GO4) said disconnected). Now I am...
  4. wildturkeyway

    P4P+ screen hood needed

    I took my first training flight today after receiving my P4P+ and getting it all set up. Sadly, the "bright" screen just isn't going to get me past my poor eyes with its small size. One reason I chose the + was all the chatter about the bright screen. I'll be doing some desert sand and bright...
  5. Arbutus

    Downgrade P4P+ ?

    I have the P4Pro+ with the factory display. Is is possible to acquire a non '+' controller so that I can use an iPad and DJI Go, Litchi, etc?
  6. David Cooke

    P4Pro PLUS Crash on DJI GO 4 "Go FLY"

    I see lots of issues with the Go4 app crashing and everyone talks about which phone or ipad they are using. I just got a new P4P + and its crashing every time I hit "GO FLY". There seems to be no way to reset the controller display or reload GO 4 app other than reinstall. I've done that several...