p4 beeping warning

  1. Dramface460

    Sent in my P4 because of beeping sound..DJI is fixing it under warranty

    Hey everyone, So you may be aware, I had a RTH failure on my original p4 and crashed, which DJI replaced with a brand new drone( not refurb because its a new serial number without an R at the end). after receiving the new P4 drone on 2/6/17, I noticed a beeping sound I have never heard before...
  2. P

    Phantom 4 from DJI with camera, hover and control problems.

    Hello All, I received a refurbished P4 from DJI on 11/28/16. I have 7 days to request a return/refund. I'm familiar with quads. I have several including a H502s and 501s so I've used GPS also. I have gone thru a few complete tutorials of DJI GO before I tried it out. All the settings...