1. A

    Standard Battery overheating

    I had my drone sitting outside in its case for about 4 hours today, and i flew it a little bit. Im in florida, and it was fairly warm out. I took it inside eventually and left it in its case for about 40 minutes, and when i opened it to get the sd card i noticed that the drone was warm, and when...
  2. B

    Standard P3Std, no video feed to Samsung S3

    1st time poster and new P3 owner, Hello co-pilots Ok Got the P3Std yesterday. Charged up the batteries, downloaded DJI Go, updated firmware, synced the wi fi. I have been able to fly through full range of movements, auto take off/land, RTH, everything works fine. BUT I have no video feed at all...
  3. Aldo962

    Advanced Sharing batteries among P3 STD and P3 ADV

    Hello all, as I own a P3 Standard as well as a P3 ADV, I used to share my 4 batteries between the two. I didn't had any trouble till now, but as the new P3 ADV firmware (01.09.0060) is updating also batteries firmware and so I have to cycle the update to all 4 batteries, I'm wondering if this...