p3p for sale

  1. M

    *SOLD* P3P for Sale

    OK, It's for sale, officially. I purchased a P3A in 2016. Been working well and no crashes or abuse. A couple years into its life, I had a camera cable issue and had it repaired by a private shop who took it upon themselves to replace the camera with a 4k version, making it into a P3P. This...
  2. jdel2005

    SOLD---P3P w/ MANY extras -EXCELLENT condition- $650 OBO----SOLD

    Complete kit to get started flying with a P3Pro today! After charging all devices to full you can have EVERYTHING needed to take off and start your adventure in aerial photography and videography!! This package includes P3P drone, ALL the original accessories, 3 batteries, and 2 full prop...
  3. K

    P3P kit for sale

    Selling my (mostly functional) Phantom 3 Professional along with its original accessories and a few optional extras. I'm selling because I'm looking to eventually upgrade since I don't have the time to fiddle with buying and installing a new gimbal on this drone. I crashed this thing last summer...
  4. HuckleberryStyle

    DJI Phantom 3 Professional, Case, Batteries, Extras

    Listed on eBay. Click HERE
  5. G

    SOLD! P3P 4K, almost new with extra battery and hardcase backpack $635-shipped

    SOLD - Phantom 3 Professional, almost new, plus an extra battery, neckstrap and a hardcase backpack. I bought it new/refurbished from DJI a few weeks ago. It works and looks like new, I have only flown it about 6 times. I thought this hobby was for me, but there just aren’t many places I can...
  6. T

    DJI Phantom 3 Professional Ultimate FPV Long Range Bundle

    DJI Phantom 3 Professional Ultimate FPV Long Range Bundle $1500 Included in this deal: Phantom 3 Pro Custom Built Transmitter Antennas with 2 amplifiers @ 2.4GHz external battery + charger (to power the 2 amplifiers) This controller mod holds the distance record for P3 Pro with 8.5 Miles...