p3p controller

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    P3P Controller Constant Beeping After Antenna Mod

    Here are the issues: Constant beeping when P3P GL 300C Controller is powered up following antenna mod. Full battery, beeping begins at power up. Not due to inactivity. The controller binds with UAV but It does not register any stick movement in the "Remote controller calibration" screen (This...
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    P3P RC WTB or help fix :(

    So my RC screws all broke and the controller fell apart, I've looked over it very carefully and everything works fine except the C1 C2 buttons and the USB and microusb ports, now looking at the ribbon cable that goes from mainboard to com board, it doesn't appear to have any breaks or anything...
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    Phantom 3 Advanced/Pro Remote Control-transmitter

    Hello all. I have two controllers since I lost my first drone. Luckily, Amazon sent me a replacement drone with everything. They have the best customer service. I flew my first P3A into the ground using Litchie and not taking into account the elevation changes during a waypoint mission. I...