1. D

    F/S - DJI Phantom 3 ADV / GL300C Remote Control - parting out

    I have a P3A that was crashed less than 2 months old. One of the propellers came off in flight and down she went. .. SOLD Remoter Control Transmitter GL300C (Newest Model). Can also be used with the Phantom 4. $150 obo SOLD .. SOLD Camera & Gimbal. The Yaw arm & Ribbon cable have been...
  2. Aldo962

    Sharing batteries among P3 STD and P3 ADV

    Hello all, as I own a P3 Standard as well as a P3 ADV, I used to share my 4 batteries between the two. I didn't had any trouble till now, but as the new P3 ADV firmware (01.09.0060) is updating also batteries firmware and so I have to cycle the update to all 4 batteries, I'm wondering if this...