p3 crash

  1. A

    P3 Pro Crash log file

    Hello, I am looking into second opinion on an issue of one Phantom 3 falling from the sky. We are repair shop working with drones and other RC’s for almost a decade now. Of course we also sell drones primarily DJI and we provide training. One part of our job is determining the cause of crash...
  2. G

    Recommendations for FPV goggles?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for your experienced suggestions for FPV goggles. I have a few requirements I'm looking for in these goggles. 1. Compatible with the hdmi board for P3 2. 720p resolution to match the video streamed from the p3 3. compatible with 3d fpv. (looking to build a separate fpv...
  3. FunN4lo

    Corn Mazes are Amazing

    Corn mazes are an aerial video opportunity that you don't get the rest of the year
  4. advhawk

    Wierd Crash P3Pro

    Flight lasted 34 seconds went 60' up and if like two motors stalled at the same time it drove it self straight into the ground. Broke the gimbal in half no other damage to speak of. On the bright side DJI repaired it at no charge, and I will have it back in my hands this Friday...