p3 batteries

  1. donutlou

    Aftermarket Batteries for P3 Advanced

    Has anyone used aftermarket batteries for phantom 3 advanced or pro? I would like to buy a couple and remember reading that aftermarket was bad... Has that changed now that dji doesn't make them anymore? And info on brands or websites would be helpful. Thank
  2. R

    P3 battery

    Hello everyone, just thought I'd put this on the board. I'm from Canada and came across these P3 batteries that are considerably priced pretty low on www.visions.ca. It might be an error but go to the following website: Visions Electronics - TV & Video, Home Audio, Speaker, Camera, Camcorder...
  3. J

    FS: P3P with 2 extra batteries and SRP ND8/CP filter *SOLD PLEASE DELETE*

    Drone in great condition. Bought in June and flown only 12 times. The extra props have not been used. Snake River Prototyping filter bought in September. $800 now $SPF shipped for whole package (PayPal gift or +3%). DRONE IS SOLD. BATTERIES AND FILTER ARE STILL AVAILABLE: Willing to sell the 2...
  4. B

    DJI Phantom 3 4K Battery Not Charging

    Its been over a week now since my Drone had a minor crash and the battery fell out of it, since then I've been trying to charge my battery but only came of once the same night and then it just wouldn't work. The light just blink when its plugged in. I attached a video to show what i'm talking...
  5. B

    P3 4k , P3 Case and batteries

    I am clearing out inventory I have two brand new phantom 3 4k's $580 each, shipped ground in the continental us. I also have 7 brand new p3 batteries: $115 each, shipped ground in the continental us. i also have 6 Microraptor Pro P3 cases... $150 each, shipped ground in the continental us...
  6. O

    Phantom 3 4K (broken Camera and gimbal) x2 Batteries included

    The phantom 3 flies fine and no damage was sustained to the UAS itself. For sale is the phantom 3, two extra batteries, controller, and two 32gb 4k memory cards, also includes broken camera and gimbal, 500$. I will throw in a phantom 1 that needs an engine replaced (four extra engines included)...
  7. jcknows0

    B&H has open box P3 batteries now starting at $90

    Bought one Thursday, they also have one used for $75. I have found that often the used items are OB as well but YMMV. Good luck! Used DJI Intelligent Flight Battery for Phantom 3 CP.PT.000161