1. D

    Beginner question and concern

    I got a used Phantom 3 Standard from a store here in COL, it came just fine -- I guess -- camera looked fine, video and pics, I decided to start, read the manual, charged everything up, installed props, connected to the drone to test, but I couldn't resist flying in doors. bump. I could never...
  2. M3aerial

    Multi-battery Charger Getting HOT

    Solved the issue.
  3. A

    Battery overheating

    I had my drone sitting outside in its case for about 4 hours today, and i flew it a little bit. Im in florida, and it was fairly warm out. I took it inside eventually and left it in its case for about 40 minutes, and when i opened it to get the sd card i noticed that the drone was warm, and when...
  4. R

    Does your P4P+ controller overheat?

    My controller (especially on the input/output ports right under the top of the controller) is EXTREMELY hot to the touch after only being on a few minutes. Haven't flown yet; is this normal? It actually burns to where I have to remove my finger after 2 seconds or it'll hurt. Should I send it back?
  5. SoCalDude

    How many consecutive P4 flights?

    Just curious, but with the Phantom 4, if I had--say--five, six, or more batteries, could I fly consecutive flights for each fully-charged battery (stopping only long enough to change the battery), without overheating the motors, etc.? Let's say all the flight are normal P-mode flights, under...
  6. B

    Phantom 4 Overheating?

    I was down in Kansas this last week where it got up to 104 degrees according to my vehicle. It was sweltering hot, there were sustained winds at 10-15 mph, and there were wind gusts up to 30 mph. I flew my P4 anyway, but it seemed to have some issues with the transmission of the video. It...