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    Snow Photos Blown Out

    Can I just not take photos of snow with automatic settings? All but 3 photos (right in the middle) are blown out from this afternoon's flying. All of the videos look great so I grab frames as stills. This has happened before but it was a sunny summer day. What am I overlooking?
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    Video Problems

    Hello! I have been having the same problem with my Phantom 3 Pro for awhile. A long time back I crashed it and had it fixed by DJI. I received but the camera didnt work at all. I sent it back in and the camera was replaced. When i got it back again, the videos and pictures all seemed over...
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    Black lines in final video... is this normal?

    Getting black vertical lines whenever I'm pointing the camera near the sun (as seen below where the black blob is) or where the video is being over exposed. Is this normal!? This is NOT overexposure warning... these black lines show up real-time AND in the final video. Is my camera defective?