1. N

    Ottawa Fly Zones

    Hey Everyone! I'm a new basic pilot and just received a Phantom 3 ADV. I was wondering if any of you knew of any good fly zones in the Ottawa area that I can start to fly. I know a majority of the area ia a NFZ due to the federal buildings and airport so just wanted to know any good places with...
  2. CaptainDrone798

    Canada Drone Videos

    I've been taking plenty of videos this winter. Here is a short winter one of Hogs Back Falls, located in Ottawa, Canada.
  3. CaptainDrone798

    This is what happens when snow melts quickly! Really Cool.

    So I live in Ottawa, Canada. Our Prime Minister just returned from the U.S. & apparently brought back the warm weather. It warmed up so quickly that with all the melting ice & snow we had two days of mysterious fog/mist over the city. If one could rise above the fog/mist the weather was...