osmo mobile

  1. Zorro

    Pyramiden - A Russian Ghost Town

    Pyramiden is a ghost town from the Soviet-Era in Svalbard. Only 800 miles from the North Pole. I went there with my Osmo Mobile, Samsung s8 amd my Phantom 4 Pro with the hope that I could get some nice aerial video with me. This is a story about me trying to fly inside a russian ghost town...
  2. Henrik Olsen

    Simplere Osmo Mobile alternative

    Hi Guys We had a chance to look at an alternative to Osmo Mobile. It's not as advanced but does a pretty good job, it's called the Snoppa M1. We made an unboxing video and compared it with OSMO Mobile (This is our first attempt to do an unboxing video, and hope to take a closer look at DJI...
  3. Zorro

    Skiing with Osmo & P4Pro

    Made a video this easter filming with Osmo Mobile and the P4Pro.Testing the Osmo downhill skiing and regular skiing, doing hyperlapses, timelapses, otionlapses and normal. Sort of testing it what it is good at doing. And I must say its really fun to use this Used a Samsung S7 edge on the Osmo...
  4. DronePilotOne

    OSMO Mobile not working with iPhone SE/wide angle

    If you shoot with a Moment wide-angle lens the OSMO shows in every shot: 20170403_011129994_iOS.jpg
  5. Henrik Olsen

    DJI OSMO Mobile Recording Options - Tutorial, Unboxing and DJI GO Setup

    I have unboxed OSMO Mobile and included a complete walkthrough including the different settings in the DJI GO App. The video covers all from unboxing, connecting OSMO to your phone, operating the OSMO and making your first test footage. Further, the video shows real life the different recording...
  6. S

    Super simple (and cheap) Osmo Mobile Tripod solution

    Here are step-by-step instructions for a $7 solution for mounting an Osmo Mobile to a tripod
  7. Alex Assenmacher

    Flying and enjoying in the snow ANDORRA

    Dear friends, I've been travelling with my gf lately in a small country in the Pyrenees called Andorra. I took my p3p, my gopro and my osmo mobile with me and this is the result.
  8. Alex Assenmacher

    4K Venice Italy Trip with osmo mobile and drone

    Had a lot of fun in Italy, hope you enjoy watching :)
  9. Alex Assenmacher

    My review of the osmo mobile + cinematic shots

    Dear people, I've made a review of the DJI Osmo Mobile, to mix the footage with my drone footage and make even better videos, I hope you enjoy it! What do you think?