1. S


    Is naza mlite flight controller supports n1 osd??
  2. J

    P2V OSD Module

    Greetings Phantom Pilots: I have a two-year-old P2V on which the OSD has failed. All the flight controls work perfectly, and it still takes excellent video and still images. I just can't see what I'm shooting. I'm running the latest firmware. I sent it to the shop from which I purchased it and...
  3. nark

    Remove HDMI OSD (On-Screen Display) info?

    Hi guys! Just got the P3P with the HDMI board for the RC. All works fine but I need to capture the video feed from the RC via HDMI to a capture card, just like a camera but the video feed has the OSD (On-Screen-Display) info over it, therefore it's unusable (for me). I have searched everywhere...