1. S

    Orlando Checking In, (stuck in Florence, AZ for next 4 weeks)

    Been wanting to try out a drone for a few years, been a RCer for last 30 years. Land, Sea, and Air. Found a excellent deal at a pawn shop here in AZ. Got a P3S for 250 with an extra battery. Will be back in Orlando, Mid Aug, and looking forward to meeting some of you central Florida Pilots.
  2. neurotico

    Majesty Building, aka: I-4 Eyesore

    Hello everyone, Not my first video with my P3P, but my first fully rendered video after much trimming, editing, and combining. I freaking uploaded it without color correcting it...but afterwards decided to leave it as it is...in 1080p with no color correction, vs. 4k with color correction. I'm...
  3. TommyBayshore

    Demo video of the Phantom Pro in 4K 60FPS - Orlando, FL

    https://vimeo.com/tommybayshore/phantom-4-pro-4k60fps or
  4. GeekWGlasses

    Weekly Vlog including ariel shots over St Pete Fl

    Trying to add more "themes" to the vlog content. This week with the P4 it was all about boats in the bay.