1. P

    orientation indicator

    I am flying Pro 4+ with Go app. I am assuming that the red arrow on the map is to show orientation of drone. If this is so, then mine is not accurate. Should I calibrate something?
  2. flyboyQuad3

    Professional DJI Go Program Display P3P

    How can I tell from the display which direction the drone is pointing if it is not in sight? Does the point of the triangle with the simulated sound waves mean the direction the camera is pointing or the direction the drone is pointing?
  3. D

    Unintelligent Orientation Control

    How many of us are able to fly a craft back, position over a suitable spot and land all while in an orientation other than looking straight at the battery LEDs? I have personally tried to develop this skill starting with low cost quads up through my P3P and I honestly just can't do it...