1. dangerd

    Help your fellow pilot! UK Needs help Important!

    The UK CAA is conducting a survey which will be very important to the people who fly drones in the UK, the survey is open to anyone no matter what country you’re in. Taking flight: the future of drones in the UK Take the time to make Sure that the UK does not pass draconian laws on your...
  2. KevinMason

    I Need Your Opinion!

  3. B

    Opinion on Drone Pictures?

    Hey everybody on the phantompilots forum! This is my first post and I was wondering whether you could give your opinion on one of my drone pictures. I am a very new pilot, I have only flown about 7-10 times. This picture was taken on my DJI phantom 3 advanced, which I got for christmas. It was...
  4. D

    New Video I need your opinions on how to improve from here!

    Hey I recently uploaded my 5th video while keeping all older suggestions in mind I am wondering what you would do better with this video:
  5. W

    Honest opinions, anything I can improve?

    Ive had My phantom 3 Pro for a week just over a week now. Ive put this little compilation together, Any advice or critique on how I can improve would be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. R

    Does anyone play games with their multirotor?

    Hey guys, I'm on an engineering team trying to find out if people are interested in playing games with their heli's. If you have about 5 mins could you please fill out our survey; or just comment about whats on your mind. Thanks! Recreational UAS User Questionnaire
  7. Mario_SB

    Cops shining light on my P3 during night flight.

    Flying over my neighborhood around 12:30am at about 300 feet. I guess the cops were curious and shined their light on me. Out of curiosity, does anyone see anything wrong with flying at night?
  8. A

    P3 Firmware I received my P3P with very old firmware, should I upgrade?

    I know I will have to update the firmware for benefits like Follow Me and POI etc., but what I'm really curious about are the improvements in each new version of firmware. I currently have 1.1.8 on the RC, 1.1.9+ on the Phantom and am using version 2.3.0 of DJI Go. I have flown several time with...