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    "motor obstructed" error even with known good motor

    Hello everyone ! I've just bought my first drone last week, a P3A that seems to have been in a crash because the gimbal was completely broken in pieces, but the seller gave me a new spare one that i mounted and its working great. the seller told me that I just had to resolder 2 motors but it...
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    P1 vs P3 Pro - Flying With Briefly Obstructed Views?

    I've had a Phantom 1 with a gimbal and GoPro 3 for a couple of years. I'm thinking about buying a Phantom 3 Pro. Obstructions, even brief obstructions at relatively short distances scramble my video signal on the Phantom 1. For instance, flying around the top corner of a two story building...
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    First P3P fall experience

    After a few flghts I felt safe to remove the propeller guards, mostly because I was thinking of flight high altitudes, however I decided to fligh on my yard. I was on atti mode, didn't realize the wind was interfering and moved my phantom towards my neighboor's house, at this point I panic and...