nvidia shield

  1. B

    Good Monitor to connect to Nvidia Shield HDMI Output

    What is a good monitor to connect to the shield HDMI output? I have heard that the Shield HDMI output exports 1280x800 instead of the standard 1280x720 so I am not sure how to tell what is compatible - especially with the limited specifications that are supplied buy the vendors selling the...
  2. B

    Tablet as second monitor for Nvidia Shield

    I have several ANDROID tablets laying around and am trying to figure out how to use one as a second monitor for my NVidia Shield to avoid the cost of buying an external monitor. I do have an ipad I could use but prefer no to because it is on its last leg. I also have a Kindle Fire HD but that...
  3. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Rooting Nvidia shield K1-Prevent DJI update nagging

    Rooting and using a host editor/blocker allows me to be able to use DJI go WITH maps on any revision level I like. It is not hard to complete this and you may find this method works well for you. I've rooted both my K1's and they ignore any update/upgrade demand. I've included info on how to...
  4. F

    'Blinking' cache video - NVIDIA Shield and phone

    Hi guys, Over 150 hours of successful flights and recordings with P3P. Never had any problems with video files saved on microSD cards. Live FPV on tablet also looks good! But ALL videos recorded in mobile devices' cache are... 'blinking'. I saw it before, but never used those files and didn't...
  5. V

    Tablet options for DJI Phantom 3, 4, Samsung Tab 8, Nvidia Shield, Teclast X98, Eachine One goggles

    I did a short review of tablet options in case it helps people looking for a tablet or goggles. Eachine Goggles One - I can't actually focus on the screen with the goggles on so I need to increase the magnification of the lens before I can use them. They also came with one battery, not two...
  6. BDOG

    NVidia Shield K1 - Early Generation

    Get the best Tablet for your Phantom 3 / 4 flights. NVidia Shield K1 - First Generation. 150 + shipping in Continental US . Will ship out of US , but cost to ship may be expensive. Small scratch on screen lower middle of screen. Does not even show in photos and nearly imperceptible ...
  7. cocoamedia

    nvidia shield k1 question - caching video

    Does anyone know if you can cache the DJI Go app video files to the SD card on the Shield? I am new to Android (been iOS for years) and having had a nightmare buying a mini 4 from amazon (Very confused iPad GPS with P3P | DJI Phantom Forum) am thinking about getting a Shield. I am worried...
  8. R

    Question for Nvidia Shield users

    I am the owner of one of the recalled Nvidia Shield tablets. So far, I haven't had any issues with it. I have the brand new replacement they sent me still sitting in a box. I have a plan, and I want to know if I'm missing anything. I would like to sell the new one for whatever price the...
  9. R

    Breaking down our sunshades for Professional Drone Pilots and Aerial DOPs

    Hey guys just created a video that explains our line of Sunshades and helps you figure out what would be right for your needs. Check out all our shades and drone accessories at www.aerialdroneaccessories.com.