1. Dadannb

    [help]RE700 wifi connected to my phone but the App say "not connected"

    Greetings, I'm a newbie, Sorry if i make a thread on a wrong room.. i need some help. I have P2V+, remote NPVT581 5.8GHz, and gimbal, i can flight well enough more than 15 times battery charging.. And i want use the camera, so i buy wifi extender RE700 (not RE500 i dont know the difference...
  2. B

    FPV gone after changing to NPVT581 transmitter

    Very much a newbie. Original post in Phantom 2 Help. Suggested that post here instead. I was having trouble watching the picture on the phone, watching the Phantom in the sky and moving the camera gimbal on the phone. So I bought a new NPVT581 that has the knob to move the gimbal. All the...