norway by air

  1. Torkild Norway

    My First Video...

    My very first attempt to film and edit. What did I learn: I must tinker a bit With the cam settings, it was a bit dark. But overall, happy With relatively smooth movements of the drone... More to come, when weather allows me.
  2. Capitan Bastos


    Thank you for your continuous support! It really means a lot! A little behind the scenes for you from my first official commercial project. BTW If you have a dead cat laying around, DM me on IG for my address. A special thank you to Ken Heron for taking his time to give me some great advice...
  3. Capitan Bastos

    Coming Home - A Bastos Movie

  4. Capitan Bastos

    Oslo, Norway, Royal Palace, vlog

  5. Capitan Bastos

    Phantom 4 Oslo, Norway May1 (vlog)

    It was my daughter's 12th birthday this weekend and I told my subscribers they could wish her a happy birthday if they wanted, the response was incredible to me and ended up like this: The thank you vlog with the droneshots:
  6. See Norway

    NEW video from Noway - Nice footage and music

    Hello, just wondering what you folks think about this?? Please comment :)
  7. D

    My first night vid! (Happy news)

    Among compass error an other tragically messages about the company, here is a smooth vid from my P3A. My location is Norway, Porsgrunn. Its a city located at both sides of a narrow river, making it wonderfull to fly over. I have flown 5 rounds during the last week and have some training from...
  8. N

    Video: ALBINO REINDEER - Norway By Air

    Hi! This is my second drone video of an albino reindeer last summer. Fairly short, but sweet!
  9. N

    Norway by Air - beautiful winter scenery shot on Phantom

    We have shot this video throughout the winter, and finally published it. We are two teenagers from Norway, and aim to film and upload more videos this spring and summer. At the moment we use the Pantom 2 with GoPro Hero 4, but are keen on the new Phantom 4! We are open on feedback and...