night video

  1. S

    P4P Settings for Video at Night

    I've experimented with some video at night in my suburban area. It does not have lights like a downtown/cityscape, but nonetheless I was expecting better noise performance than what I got. I'd like to know what settings people are using at night. I use FCPX, but I don't have a 3rd party noise...
  2. P

    Best night settings?

    I have a p3s and I am going to take some footage that will be at night at a race track so there will be some light but I am wondering what the best settings for video would be.
  3. Mario_SB

    Cops shining light on my P3 during night flight.

    Flying over my neighborhood around 12:30am at about 300 feet. I guess the cops were curious and shined their light on me. Out of curiosity, does anyone see anything wrong with flying at night?
  4. FunN4lo

    Nighttime Hot Air Balloon Lighting: Techno Glo

    Techno Glo