night shots

  1. closetmonster

    Help with black night shots....

    Hey Everybody, So I have read several posts about how to take night shots (I have a P3P) and I went out tonight, all excited and when I came back to view my photos, all I could see was blackness with a couple of street lights here and there. I have ISO set for 100, exposure time 2S (also tried...
  2. Stingray14

    Double vision in night shots

    Okay before anyone offers ideas on changing my settings, let me tell you I am a 40 year photography user, and I have used every camera setting you can imagine, so its not a setting problem. I have been told that perhaps my lenses are not aligned and it does not show up except in night shots...
  3. fastsmiles

    Night Shot of Fort Worth

    Night shot in Ft Worth, Tx I really enjoy flying at night. It has its own peacefullness to it. Especially after midnight when the streets are abandoned.