night flying

  1. D

    Flying at night with metal flashlight

    I am kind of scared to fly at night. I don't have the money to blow on a professional drone light or beacon. I have a metal flashlight. I was wondering if the metal flashlight would interfear since it's metal. Will it interfear. Thank's for the help.
  2. B

    Higher power/brighter strobe lights for P4P

    Hi all, I'm wondering whether anyone knows if you can buy brighter lights for the corners of the P4P that replace the standard ones?? To mainly aid with flying at night. Cheers, Boz
  3. R

    No Justification for Night Flying Restriction

    The Night Flying Restriction has nothing to do with Safety. It's all about control and accountability. We should also condemn DJI for rolling over on all these nonsense rules and helping the FAA by the limitations they place within the software. We have all been found guilty before any crime has...
  4. K

    Can you fly within Cities & Night with CAA Approval

    Setting up a drone business and cant find any info on if you can fly at night or within cities if you have CAA approval. I was just wondering what the rules are on this in the UK as may have jobs in the city and also for night photos. Also if with AA Approval you can do this is it also ok for...
  5. Jussaguy

    Small Craft UAS Bill is at the White House and did you know there is a night flying exemption now?

    It's going down. Did anyone even know that the FAA finalized an exemption for 333s that allow night flying? Sort of ironically, the first night 333 exemption was issued to a Canada based company with US offices (was issued April 18th). Also, that article I posted in the "how to make money"...