nfz unlock geofence

  1. M

    GEOfence Error Resolution

    I found that I was prevented from flying at a location because there is a red zone mapped there. The NFZ is in error. The location is near/at an airport which is in Class G airspace. Class E lies above at 700 feet AGL. Corresponding with DJI yields a request for: 1). A form of...
  2. T

    I live 2.1 miles from a Class D airport

    I'm about to buy my first DJI product (P4Pro) and am wondering how my proximity to the local airport is going to affect its use. Although I haven't researched the exact details, I know there is an unlock process to get around NFZs but based on posts I've seen there seem to be some exceptions...
  3. Southam Creative

    NFZ Unlock Not Working

    NFZ Unlock for Arlington Airport (WA)|none Although I receive an unlock "OK" from the DJI site and this airport is a minor one with no tower, I am still unable to fly at Arlington Airport even thought I have the permission of the Airport and City Council. Any thoughts?