1. biredale

    Sad sign of the times

  2. nangali

    Please don't go flying at Hanford

    Just a PSA on behalf of the community. Should you feel the urge to go find out about that nuclear incident in Hanford, please don't. We don't need any more sensational news items about drones interfering with emergency services.
  3. AirVūz

    Want to rent a drone? There's an app for that!

    Seriously?!? An App for renting a drone? I couldn't believe this news story when I came across it, but after watching it I thought it was a pretty cool idea. To find out more check out: AV News: Up Sonder Let me know your thoughts!
  4. AirVūz

    New Canada Drone Laws

    I know there has been discussion the last few couple days about Canada (Transport Canada) coming down with some new drone laws. Here is a story AirVūz did explaining why it will be tougher if you plan to fly there, especially if you are a hobbyist. Here's the full AirVūz News Story: AV News...
  5. Sunnaroe

    Things like will ruin it for all of us..clumsy

    Somebody done it
  6. We Talk UAV

    What's Behind Uber Flying Cars?-Future of Transportation.

    We saw it coming years ago, but very few have had the resources or the initiative to step up with this kind of project. From a logical perspective, personal aerial transportation was the natural evolution of general aviation and short-haul flights. Nevertheless, aircraft design has barely...
  7. We Talk UAV

    Drone Hunting Battle by Dude Perfect!

    Dude Perfect, is slang in California for approval on an action. It is also a growing internet sensation that involves blasters and sports products through a series of online videos and online social media presence. At this counting, it has 3 years of Nerf Perfect television commercials which can...
  8. S

    Drone operator locates fallen hiker.

    This is a news story from my area, unfortunately the hiker did not survive his fall. Drone operator helps locate fallen hiker |
  9. JDA Aviation

    Drone 100 lights up Palm Springs

    Drone 100 Lights Up the Palm Springs Sky | Intel
  10. J

    Check out this drones quiz!

    Hi Everyone, We’ve created a tricky quiz on the biggest drone-related stories which have been hitting the news! I thought that you guys might be interested to test your knowledge, you can take the quiz here: How Much Do You Know About Drones? Thanks, I’d love to hear how you get on!
  11. J

    Drones used in farming and conservation

    Just finished working on a piece focusing on how drones can be used in conservation and agriculture (among other things). We've covered some really interesting stuff, like how they can: -Fight Criminals -Save Avocado Trees -Help Farmers Survey their Land If you're interested, take a look...
  12. Energy Guy

    Did wayward drone knock out power in Bernal Heights?

    More news about wayward drones. Did wayward drone knock out power in Bernal Heights? "A recreational drone possibly crashed into a Pacific Gas and Electric Co. overhead conductor Sunday evening, causing a power failure that lasted more than an hour in a small section of San Francisco. A...