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  1. N

    When is Phantom 5 release?

    I bought a P4 last May and use it for photography. I was tempted to go for a P4P when it was announced, because of the much improved camera. But I know as soon as I buy a P4P the P5 will come out with even better camera and other whizz-bang features. Seems like DJI has released the next...
  2. J

    P3 Firmware Firmware update on a new Phantom?

    Hi all, I'm new to this all. I have bought a Phantom 3 Pro and still didn't fly with it yet, just making sure I take all the necessary precautions. Everything is good, but I keep reading all about these firmware updates and I was wondering if I need to do these updates with a brand new out of...
  3. Phantomix

    What would you like in the Phantom 4?

    I know everyone is getting super hyped for the phantom 4 release (that will hopefully happen) Phantom 4 possible release But what do you want in the phantom 4? I personally want better build quality, as I have noticed that the build quality is going downhill since they started with the phantom 2...