new owner

  1. Britishbigfoot

    Just bought a P3S for £150. Winning.

    I'm a very happy bunny. It's basely flown 4km in a straight line since the previous owner bought it a year ago. I've been flying my P4A and the Mavic Pro a whole lot recently, but saw this pop up on Fb. Couldn't resist. There was all of 60 minutes between seeing the ad and flying it. So...
  2. A

    New FC40 Owner

    Hello, and please allow me to introduce myself. I'm from Northern California and recently purchased a used FC40. It was in excellent shape and I have been following the posts and using this site as a resource until I was confident enough that I could begin to speak intelligently about my...
  3. P

    Anyone in South Wales Uk

    Hi I have just bought this and set it all up as required, including firmware updates. Updates seemed to go through fine but now got a message calibrate imu. The problem is the calibrate imu button and the check button are both greyed out and I cannot select them. Any help much appreciated