new hampshire

  1. xJaybirdx

    Hey everyone, New Hampshire here!

    I have been flying since 2016 now, and I am looking for like minded dronies to get together with occasionally. We can meet up somewhere and fly some drones, talk shop, etc.
  2. B

    Looking for repair in NH

    I live in Manchester, NH. Recently our Standard 3 has refused to connect to WIFI. I have tried every trick and suggestion I've found on forums and on YouTube, with no success. I'd like to avoid sending it to DJI. We all know that their "customer service" is anything but! Does anyone know of...
  3. D

    Drone Ban in NH near Forest Fire

    Drones banned near NH Forest Fire - lots of helicopters flying in water low to the ground. Probably a great event to use drones by the Forest Service to see the extent of the fire, especially given the rugged terrain. NH Forest Fire Grows, Officials Close Lost River Gorge Last paragraph of...
  4. GortDad

    New Hampshire this Fall

    Shot in October throughout Carroll County with my P3P. Track is Kenny White's new single, "The Other Shore"
  5. DesignFlaw06

    Searles Castle - Windham, NH

    We took a motorcycle trip out to New Hampshire. Along the way, we stopped at my namesake's castle. I brought the Phantom with me. Hope you enjoy.