new england

  1. MassDrone

    Frozen New England lake - P4P, 4K

    There's a small lake in a New England town that froze over in a dry December, without snow cover. The ice is like a mirror. Music by Kai Engel.
  2. Osmosis

    A spin around a New England Lighthouse

  3. MassDrone

    Bright New England fall colors - 4K

    Flew my P3P around the neighborhood this afternoon, and the fall leaves are very bright in spots. Great weekend for flying the drone.
  4. MassDrone

    New England fall colors - 4K

    In eastern Massachusetts, the leaves are starting to get very bright in some areas. Shot with P3P, edited and graded in Premiere. Music by Kai Engel.
  5. MassDrone


    A sunny afternoon flight over the forest in New England. Spotty rain showers off in the distance. One shower is in just the right direction to grace us a with a rainbow.
  6. ckf

    Snowmobile trail grooming video

    I went out to shoot video of snowmobiles riding through the field and happened to catch the groomer coming through.
  7. MassDrone

    ABC News reposted my Phantom video!

    This morning, after a typical New England snowstorm, I took my P3S up for a few flights around my neighborhood while the snow was still sticking to the branches. I edited a short video and posted it here on PhantomPilots, on another drone site, and on my Facebook page. On my FB page I got a...
  8. MassDrone

    Fresh New England Snowfall

    Early in the morning after a heavy New England snowstorm, the trees still carry their loads of white powdery snow. Shot with a P3S. Post-processign in Adobe Premiere CC. Music by Kai Engel.
  9. MassDrone

    Droning in a New England snowstorm

    Today in Massachusetts I'm under a winter storm warning, and just 50 miles away there's a blizzard warning. So it's a good day to fly the drone! I took my P3S for a few Litchi missions. I like re-doing some of the same missions over and over under different lighting and weather conditions...
  10. MassDrone

    Hidden Pond

    Explore a small hidden pond in the New England woods in mid-October as the leaves are nearing their peak. This pond is only visible from the air. Shot October 17 2016 with a P3S drone using Litchi waypoints and edited in Premiere CC. Music by Kai Engel.
  11. MassDrone

    Forest pond sunset photos

    This afternoon I flew my P3S over a local pond in a forested area in New England. The leaves haven't started turning colors in earnest, but I want to be familiar with flying in my favorite locations in time. These were some of the photos I collected today. Edited in Photoshop CC.