1. stickybit

    Pyramid of Austerlitz in snow

    Hi all, Finally we had some snow in the Netherlands, so it's time to shoot some pictures and video of the white landscape. I decided to head to the Pyramid of Austerlitz which was built in 1804 by Napoleon's soldiers near Utrecht in the Netherlands. After more than 200 years this pyramid...
  2. stickybit

    Largest christmastree in the world!

    Hi all, I live near the largest christmas tree in the world (367 meters high!) and can see it from my house. This evening the weather was reasonably enough to fly my Phantom 4 for taking some long exposure shots of this tree including the highway near it. The results can be viewed on via this...
  3. stickybit

    Why destroy a lock when you just can move it?

    In the Netherlands we like our old buildings, bridges, fortresses and even our locks (those things you use to get a ship into "higher" water). Last year one of these old locks (built in 1930's) was cut in 4 pieces and moved 120 meters. Now it's a landmark, and that landmark I flew around and in...
  4. J

    Video of the Zeeland Bridge (Netherlands)

    Hi All, Been a while since I posted anything here, thought I'd share my latest video with you. Everything was shot about two weeks ago on my phantom 3 advanced. Location is the Zeeland Bridge in the Netherlands. It's the second longest bridge in Europe with 5022 meters. Let me know what you think!
  5. kirescheff

    DARE league in Den Bosch Netherlands November 19th 2016

    For the dutch members , DARE league in Den Bosch Netherlands November 19th 2016 LINK : DARE League
  6. J

    summer running - video

    Hi everyone! Last weekend in the Netherlands was the first weekend with really good weather this summer. So i took out the bird and created this summer vibe running video (performance credits go to my sporty girlfriend). Please watch in full HD and with sound on :) Let me know what you think...