1. tml4191

    Are these Neewer Polarized ND filters any good? Are these low priced filters any good?
  2. AngryBird

    Neewer ND filters set

    Sold my phantom, want to upgrade to P4 or mavic. I`m tired of never ending range issues... However I still have Neewer ND filter set, which I will not use anymore. It`s originally designed for Inspire 1, but has an adaptor for P3S. Paid nearly 70$. Put it on ebay for starting price of 10 GBP...
  3. AngryBird

    Neewer ND filters, problem or not ?

    Hi guys, I`ve just received Neewer ND filters bought from . It`s for inspire 1 but has adaptor for P3S. First look - great build quality, works as it says. Fits very well, no gaps. Adaptor has 2 screws with plastic bottom to secure it on camera. 20161115_191716 by AngryBird posted Nov...
  4. F

    Gimbal Lock - How Secure Does it Need to Be?

    Another dumb gimbal lock question from me. So I just got the Neewer gimbal lock for my P3 Standard, and I'm not sure how secure it is. It allows the camera to move still, side to side but not up and down, It doesn't seem to really lock in place, but rather just sort of sits there giving the...
  5. rcheing

    Neewer MC PL-ND 4/8/16/32 Set

    Just got this set in from Amazon: Neewer for DJI Phantom 4, DJI Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced, Multi-Coated PL-ND Filter Set: PL-ND4, PL-ND8, PL-ND16, PL-ND32, Made of High Definition Glass, Not for DJI Phantom 3 Standard: Camera & Photo for $50 and 2 day shipping from Prime...