1. R

    ND Filters but EV still Off

    So I have been reading on here and other places about getting that "buttery smooth video" when we double the shutter speed from the frame rate. I got some ND filter in amazon and though ok now its time for my videos to shine! I turned on the P3S and set the ISO to 100 and 1080P/30fps so I set...
  2. T

    Horizontal Lines with Polar Pro ND4 Filter

    I thought that the ND Filter is supposed to eliminate prop shadow. Actually first time I encountered prop shadow was my first time out with an ND4 filter. It was a partly cloudy day with some sun. Should I have gone up to the ND8? Should I be adjusting shutter speed as well? I was on auto.
  3. D

    Polar Pro Phantom 3 Filter Pack

    Brand new Polar Pro filter pack for the phantom 3. I got this for Christmas but sold my drone. Never been used. I think I may actually be able to just return these for full refund but I'm putting them on here in the mean time. PL1 Polarizer ND4 ND8 New in box. $50 Shipped.
  4. GunSurgeon

    $25 shipped Shopready DJI Genuine FPV Phantom 3 ND4 Filter (Pro/Adv) Part 46 for Phantom 3

    I have 1 brand new Shopready DJI FPV Phantom 3 ND4 Filter (Pro/Adv) Part 46 for Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter Camera. It has never been used. I returned my Phantom 3 Pro because I live in a no fly zone. $25.00 SHIPPED 1st class mail anywhere in the USA. If your outside...
  5. YeeaaBoii

    Brand New - Authentic DJI ND4 Filter for P3 Series - SOLD

    SOLD. Hello everyone, I ordered the ND4 filter for my P3P about a month ago and never opened it. It is still brand new in the packaging. I tried to return it to DJI but they said they only accept returns on orders up to 14 days old. I am now stuck with it. I spent a total of $50 after...