1. CE Visuals

    Where to purchase ND32 and/or ND64 for P3S?

    I'm new to shooting with a drone, but been a working photographer/videographer for over 30 years. I can't seem to find a seller to purchase either an ND32 and/or ND64 filters specifically for my newly acquired Phantom 3 Standard kit. I already have ND8 and ND16 filters but the ND16 isn't...
  2. NotARubicon

    When do you use your ND32 (do you have an ND32)?

    My ND8 feeds me jello so i've been using an ND32 on bright days - mostly in the desert with lots of sand and maybe some rocks but i'm seeing that with the 32 it's underexposed and the colors are muted. Even shooting in D-Log I can't pull it up to where it looks good. I've got an ND16 on the way...