national forest

  1. P

    Question about flight outside of national forest

    I'm hoping to fly in Gatlinburg this weekend. I have my Part 107 and try to follow the rules but I'm a little confused. According to the VFR, where I am appears to be in Class G airspace and is just outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Forest. However, the B4UFly app gives me a big DO NOT...
  2. J

    CARIBOU NATIONAL FOREST IN 4K | Phantom 4 Pro Video

  3. Great Pumpkin

    Fly in USFS National Forest Recreation Areas??

    So far I think it is perfectly fine to fly from, within, and over a US National Forest, but I have not seen anything prohibiting flying a drone from, within, or over a USFS National Forest Recreation Area - yet. The big, K-9, USFS ranger I encountered in one today said he didn't know if it is...