music for drones

  1. B

    New Music the Mavic Way.

    Yes, there are 1264 types of music. However, the one that matters most is what the Mavic drone produces. Add a computer and some song production software and you get a serious tune happening. The Mavic has never been intended to be used as this.
  2. See Norway

    NEW video from Noway - Nice footage and music

    Hello, just wondering what you folks think about this?? Please comment :)
  3. P

    Music from Itunes??

    Does anyone know if I can add music from iTunes to my P3A videos ... I use movie maker to edit my videos.
  4. Alex Assenmacher

    Audio for your drone footage

    Dear droners, this is a lecture about how important audio is for our footage. Audio is always understood as the "little brother" of video and people usually don't pay much attention to a great soundtrack for their videos. I've taken a deeper view about it and I'm trying in this lecture to show...