1. tml4191

    UberAir Drone Taxis in the US May Start Flying in the Near Future

    UberAir Has Plans to Fly Drone Taxis in the US - WeTalkUAV
  2. Flick6211

    How is it possible that a drone is moving forward?

    I understand how a multirotor drone is turning, taking off and landing. But how is it possible that a multirotor drone is moving forward? All the propellers are in the same position and the engine is in a fixed position. Can someone explain it to me? Thanks!
  3. Dr Crashmenot

    Central Georgia Macon and Surrounding

    Looking for a Flight and filming partner. Retired disabled Vet looking for fellow pilots in the Middle Ga area for outings to fly and film, swap fishing lies and fly some more. Lots of fun flying, more fun doing it in gatherings. I got a 2 inch toy for Christmas and now I'm a 8 rotor junkie. I...
  4. S

    Stolen P3P Arizona

    I've only had my P3P for about a month. It was stolen from my car on Tuesday (November 10, 2015) morning. It was in a backpack style case with blue foam cut-out for Phantom 3. It had the controller, 2 extra sets of blades, 2 labyards (with "Army Strong" on them), and the sync cable. No charger...