1. N

    .MOV stutters and .MP4 doesn't in FCP

    I loaded a .mov 4k file from my PH4 into Final Cut Pro. Horrible stuttering made it impossible to play even in rendered version. I know I can work in Proxy but was curious to see if the MP4 version would have the same issues. I converted the file in a video converter to MP4 keeping all the same...
  2. Zoiboyz

    MP4 does not play

    I have used both MOV and MP4 - I changed to MP4 because my samsung blur ray player says that is an acceptable format. However it will not play the videos captured with my P4. Tech support for the samsung stated that maybe the wrong codec - anyone else have this problem?
  3. R

    Can't get iMovie to recognize 2.7k mp4

    Hi There, I am a complete newbie to the Phantom. I shot some of my first flights and uploaded them directly to youtube where they correctly were recognized as 1440p. However if I import them into iMovie 10.1.2, it is very unwavering in its belief that they are 1080p and nothing more. Is there...
  4. Luis J.

    App to fix corrupted Video Files (new one)

    I have been using the wonderful djifix.exe, but sometimes it does not repair my videos, so I looked further and found some pieces of software (all console application) which requires a lot of effort and knowledge to build the proper command line, so I made my own GUI application (using those...
  5. I

    14 minutes video limit

    I have noticed that whenever i record my flights, I get 2 mp4 files. The first one is for the first 14 minutes (about 4GB), then there is another one with the rest of the flight. Is there a setting for this? I want it to be one big file.
  6. T

    P3 mp4 video not playing on Android

    I have a phantom 3 and when I take Mp4 video with it. Pull the memory card out. Put it in my android it will not play the video. I've tried on multiple Android devices. I've tried installing mp4 players on my Android device and it still will not play the video. I have a GoPro and record mp4...